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To hunt in Nova Scotia non-resident hunters require: 

  • either; proof of having taken a sanctioned Hunter Education course in their normal province or state of residence or,a valid Hunting licence issued in the last 5 years, or a valid Nova Scotia Non-Resident Wildlife Resources Card (see
  • valid Nova Scotia Non-resident Hunting Licence
  • Wildlife Habitat Stamp (acquired at time of purchase of Hunting Licence)
  • Licenced Guide
  • any federal permits or licences applicable to carrying a firearm and or to pursue federally regulated wildlife. People travelling to Nova Scotia from outside of Canada must also meet the requirements under the Canadian Firearms legislation.


Items you should conciser bringing with you:

  • Your firearm or bow with ammo/arrows
  • Hunter orange vest/jacket and hat (required by law when travelling to and from bait sites)
  • A Hunters Fall Arrest Harness (is required in all our tree stands)
  • Knife (required by law)
  • Hunting Clothes (camouflage gear)
  • Layers of Clothes
  • Warm gloves/hat
  • Rain suit
  • Boots/camp shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Camera/Video camera
  • Compass (required by law)
  • Source of flame (required by law)
  • Flashlight

We realize some of these items may be hard to travel with and/or get through customs so we will work with you to have all the required items, just let us know before arrive or prior to arrival.


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